We here at IronHorse Radio love the 80s. For us and we hope you as well the 80s were a time of great music and some not so great music. Fashion was to us anyways awesome strange and cool. With hair that went up to the sky neon shirts gloves shoelaces pants and more we sure stood out in a crowd. The phrase for bands like Ratt and Poison was "Fashion Rock". With a steady stream of  "Hair Metal" hitting the record stores like Motley Crue Quiet Riot Poison Dokken Cinderella W.A.S.P. Whitesnake  London Loudness EZO and heavier acts such as Metallica Megadeth Iron Maiden Judas Priest Anthrax Slayer Helloween Doro Anvil. Along with the steady stream of pop music like Madonna Aha lionel richie Tears For Fears Prince The Go Go's Billy Idol Cindy lauper  Billy Ocean. Canadian artists such as Brighton Rock Lee Aaron Glass Tiger Helix The Killer Dwarfs Trooper Triumph The Tragically Hip White Wolf Harem Scarem Platinum Blonde Kim Mitchell Bryan Adams Annihilator Alias Saga Loverboy haywire Age Of Electric Northern Pikes and plenty more from all over the world. Our promise you you the listener is to play as much of those bands/artists and plenty more as we possibly can. 24 hrs a day 7 days a week from Abba to Zeppelin it's all right here on IronHorse Radio. New playlists are created each and every day. If you have a request just drop us an email and we will put your request on the next set. Have an idea? let us know we might like it. Want to hear more of a certain era? just ask if we have it we will play it for you. We  do not just cater to the hair bands (although if i could i would) Classic rock is on the menu aswell. And what goes better with all that rock than a helping of 80s/90s pop. As a metal head myself i do like alot of the pop music from that time. We also try our best to make each set flow smoothly with a bit of this and a touch of that. If you have a band that plays the style of the 80s/early 90s let us know we will gladly put a link to your bands website on our links page. Also let us know where and how we can purchase your album(s) so we can put them in rotation for you and help get you some more exposure. So in closing we are all about the music. If it's 80s it's all good. Thankyou for hopefully making us your home for awsome music/info and much more. Tune in turn it up and take a trip back to the time of decadence fashion big hair hot chicks loud guitars and not a care in the world. (any and all donations go towards keeping us running (unless i need a bottle of pepsi HAHA). Be safe Be well.